UV DTF Application Instructions

 UV DTF Transfer Application Instructions

Apply your UV DTF Transfer in just four easy steps!

1. Prep Your Surface 

Clean the surface using either soap & water or a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water (50/50 mix). The cleaner the surface, the more permanent to natural elements and wear and tear.

2. Separating the Clear Carrier Sheet from the White Backing

Separate the clear carrier sheet from the white backing. Be careful not to tear near the design.  Note: If the transfer pulls up with the clear layer, push it back onto the sheet and firmly press it back into place using a card or squeegee before trying to remove it again. If it’s not, set it back down, squeegee again, and try pulling that specific area that didn’t seal from a different side. Thinner and separated design elements, such as small text, should be peeled slowly. The larger the design elements, the less careful you need to be. You will get a feel for it as you continue to work with our UV/DTF transfers.

3. Placing your UV/DTF Onto Your Item

First, identify the placement area on your item. Then, lay the design down, starting from one side and ending at the other. This will help control your placement, reduce bubbles underneath the design, and avoid wrinkling of the carrier sheet, which could cause design elements to be offset and/or design overlapping.

Tip: Leave an edge of the carrier sheet lifted so you can easily grip it.

4. Completing the Transfer Process

After placing, use the padded end of the squeegee or credit card to run over it with hard pressure, back and forth 3-5 times. This forces adhesion to your item. You are now ready to peel SLOWLY. Again, use your eyes while you peel to ensure every element of your design remains on your item. While peeling, move your grip inward to maintain a controlled peel. If all elements do not transfer, you can lay the clear carrier sheet back down, squeeze hard again, and try pulling that specific area that didn’t lift from a different side.

Distinction & Disclaimer

UV/DTF are extremely durable, color-fast, chip & weather-resistant stickers/decals, but they can still wear down or lose adhesion depending on the conditions & circumstances.  Therefore, we can’t make any warranties or guarantees and should not be used for mission-critical applications or equipment. Dishwasher use is not recommended due to manufacturer variations in coating on ceramic, glass, and plastics.