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Direct To Film Transfer Pressing Instructions

Heat Press is REQUIRED. 

It is important to know not all heat presses are alike, temperatures may vary and uneven temperatures during pressing may occur.  

Best practice is to preheat garment to remove excess moisture

Our film is peeled cold.

-Align Transfer and Press at 300-325 degrees for 10-15 seconds.

-Allow Transfer to COOL COMPLETELY before removing clear film

-Cover with parchment and re-press for 5 seconds to cure into the fabric.

It is best practice to wait 24 hours before washing or stretching

Trouble shooting Cold Peel Film:
BE SURE IT IS COMPLETELY COOL BEFORE ATTEMPTING REMOVAL! Although pressing issues are uncommon, If your transfer attempts to lift when removing the clear film, press it again for 2-5 seconds.  You may need to increase your heat by 10 degrees, pressing time by 2-3 seconds or pressure dependent on your press. Digital Transfers are very forgiving and can tolerate a temperature or pressing time a little longer than listed. These are guidelines - you should always test with your own equipment before attempting a full project.

These are instructions from the Manufacturer and have worked for me personally! You have to figure out your press and what works best for it. Pressure and heat! There are no refunds or exchanges for operator error!