Juneteenth DTF Transfers

Juneteenth DTF Transfers are taking the printing industry by storm. Like a bolt from the blue, this revolutionary technology allows you to transfer your favorite Juneteenth print on any fabric or garment quickly and easily. It's an absolute game-changer for Juneteenth celebration fans, making it easier than ever to show your pride and commemorate this special day in style.

Juneteenth marks the day slavery was abolished in the United States, and this innovative product is an apt tribute to the struggles of African-American people. Now, with a few simple steps, you can join the celebration with our incredibly simple-to-use Juneteenth DTF transfer film. So, let's get the celebration party started.

Our DTF transfer printing caters to the following materials and clothing types:

Our Juneteenth DTF Transfer Service Supports Apparel of All Types and Sizes

Juneteenth DTF Transfer For T-Shirt

Whether you want to transfer film to a cotton, polyester, or thermoplastic t-shirt, our Juneteenth DTF transfer is perfect. Simply press that Juneteenth designs PET film using a heat press at 325°F and firmly give pressure for 15 seconds with other pressing instructions. Your T-shirt is now ready to wear. You can also shop Juneteenth t-shirts from our store.

Juneteenth DTF Transfer For Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Our Juneteenth DTF transfers are also great for applying to hoodies and sweatshirt garments. You can celebrate this historic occasion with stylish and durable designs that adhere to hoodie or sweatshirt fabrics. Whether it's a Juneteenth flag, graphics, text, or logo print, we celebrate the liberation of African Americans with our quality transfers.

Juneteenth DTF Transfer For Bags & Accessories

How about celebrating Juneteenth with heart-warming designs on bags, backpacks, and other accessories? Our Black History DTF transfers are also perfect for backpacks, duffle bags, aprons, and more. There is no restriction on the size, color, or complexity of the designs. Simply choose your favorite Juneteenth DTF design from our collection.

Juneteenth DTF Custom Fabric Printing

Apart from our Juneteenth DTF ready-to-press transfers stock, you can also order us to customize transfer films with your brand logo, text, or artwork. You can customize the films to fit any size, color, detail, and fabric type you need. Our DTF transfer printing sheet is 100% safe for machine wash, cold water, and dry cleaning. You can get this beauty at a very affordable regular price.

Juneteenth Gang Sheet

No More Search For 'Juneteenth DTF Transfers Near Me' & Hit the Road to Freedom

Are you finding a new way to celebrate Juneteenth? The best way to do that is to wear an art that portrays freedom. For this, our Juneteenth DTF transfer printing is a new way to cut out the middleman and get the same quality prints in a fraction of the time.

Many companies, brands, and enthusiastic people who are ready to take art to the next level and celebrate the joy of freedom can purchase our DTF prints in bulk to make their own Juneteenth-themed clothing. It is a perfect way of celebrating, branding, and standing out among others. So, no need to browse DTF transfer near me when you can just hit DTF Virginia online for your needs.

Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States and is celebrated each year on June 19th. To mark the occasion, why not consider DTF Virginia for wearable art that celebrates freedom? You can choose us because:

Unveiling the Benefits of Choosing DTF Virginia to Commemorate the Day

No Wear and Tear

Our DTF transfers are heat pressed onto the garments, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear. Plus, our transfers are machine washable and can be washed in cold or warm water.

Easy to Remove

The Juneteenth DTF transfer also has a special adhesive that allows for easy removal. This makes cleaning and maintaining your garments much easier and more efficient. You don't have to worry about excess moisture or heat affecting the transfers.

Fast Shipping and Delivery

We offer quick shipping and delivery within five business days to ensure you get your order when you need it. You can even track the status of your order with our online tracking system.

Unique Way to Celebrate

With DTF Virginia, you can get creative and find unique ways to mark Juneteenth. Wearable art is a great way to celebrate the day plus, with our full-page transfers or single transfers, you can get creative and design your own Juneteenth look.

Great Savings

With our low sale prices, you can get the quality designs you want at an affordable cost. You don't have to break your budget to commemorate the occasion. Isn't that great?

  • Step#1: Preheat the Garment

    To prepare the garment for transfer, preheat it using a flat iron or heat press at the recommended temperature for the fabric type. Heat the garment for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture, then let the garment cool down.

  • Step#2: Apply for the Transfer

    Now place the Juneteenth DTF transfer sheet on the garment, image-side up. Press at 325F for 15 seconds with very light pressure. Now allow the film to cool down for almost 20 seconds.

  • Step#3: Peel Off the Transfer

    Once the DTF transfer has cooled but not much, as you have to peel warm, so carefully remove the film starting from a corner. Then Peel slowly and with firm pressure to ensure an even transfer.

  • Step#4: Cover and Press

    Cover the transfer with parchment paper, sublimation paper, Teflon sheet, or butcher paper; then press for 15 seconds at medium pressure. You can use a heat press at medium pressure and temperature.